Ninjak (2015- ) #27 Cvr B Lieber

Writer: Kindt, Matt
Artist: Segovia, Stephen
Cover Artist: Lieber, Steve
Publisher: Valiant
On Sale: May 17, 2017
Price: $0.00
Snakebite! He's fought the Shadow Seven, journeyed to the Deadside, and bested death itself, but MI-6's top superspy has never tested his limits like this! When Ninjak is assigned to the Middle East for a seemingly simple extraction, this once-routine mission will quickly turns south when the laws of nature are turned upside down...and mutated soldiers bearing the animalistic abilities of nature's deadly predators strike from the shadows! Now, Ninjak must hone his lethal skills and channel his inner warrior like never before...or end up at the bottom of the food chain!