Half Past Danger II: Dead To Reichs #2 (of 5) Cvr A Mooney

Writer: Mooney, Stephen
Artist: Mooney, Stephen
Cover Artist: Mooney, Stephen
Publisher: IDW
Price: $3.99
Agent Moss is back and she's about to drop one hell of a Bombshell. The team reels at this revelation and realize that there's only one man they can turn to as a result: the enigmatic ninja Ishikawa Minamoto. Bullet points: * The stakes are high, the board is set, and the action is hard-boiled. The time is HALF PAST DANGER. * Of the first volume, UnleashTheFanboy.com said: 'a total triumph of imagination, with great design, stunning art, and so much potential. IDW has struck gold with this miniseries.'