Star Wars Adventures Vol. 1 TP

Writer: Walker, Landry
Artist: Charm, Derek
Cover Artist: Charm, Derek
Publisher: IDW
Price: $9.99
Brand-new Star Wars comic book stories for readers of all-ages! These new adventures make this sprawling universe more accessible than ever. Travel to a galaxy far, far away in the first volume of an all-new series as a rotating cast of characters (and creators!) journey through Star Wars history! Stories range from before the events of the first film all the way up to Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, in theaters December 2017. Characters major and minor, classic and new, expand the world of Star Wars into new territory, telling larger-than-life stories that encapsulate the breadth of the galactic struggle between good and evil for a new generation of fans. For fans of all ages and with a mix of old and new characters, Star Wars Adventures will appeal to Jedi everywhere, Master and Padawan alike! Bullet points: * Collects issues #0-3! * Out in time for the newest installment of the beloved franchise! * Featuring art from Eisner-award nominated artist Derek Charm (Jughead)!